The Publisher of Wingspan, Scythe Announces Their Next Board Game

Stonemaier Games has announced the civ-building Tapestry as its next board game. The makers of hit games like Scythe and Wingspan will release Tapestry later this fall. The new game, designed by Scythe designer Jamey Stegmaier, will let players control a civilization from the dawn of humanity to the far future. Unlike Sid Meier’s Civilization series, the cultures in Tapestry aren’t based on any real-life counterparts. Players will make their own civilization and choose to craft it using four advancement tracks: science, technology, exploration, and military. Players can choose to focus on one track, or balance their efforts on all four, and gather victory points and tapestry cards that tell the story of your civilization.

Stonemaier has had a huge 2019, beginning with their launch of the award-winning Wingspan. pegged Wingspan as the first big board game of the year, and Stonemaier has struggled to keep its hit bird game in stock. We expect Tapestry, with its focus on asymmetry and strategy, to be just as big of a hit as Wingspan was earlier this year.

While players are competing for victory points, Tapestry is also unique in that there’s very little negative interaction between players. In fact, players may benefit from another civilization developing in certain ways, and there appears to be very little focus on diplomacy like there is in other civ-focused games.

Tapestry can be played with 1-5 players and will take 90-120 minutes to play. The game is geared for fans of A Feast for Odin or Mombasa, and will definitely be a “must have” for players who enjoy complex, standalone board games. You can pre-order Tapestry from Stonemaier’s website beginning in early September. Shipment is expected to begin in late September.


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