The Plug Talks : Guardian Con Gaming news, Destiny 2 and accepts challengers in super smash bros ult.

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The Plug Gaming Podcast!

welcome to the plug gaming Live on .

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Show Notes!

welcome to the plug gaming Live on .

What you Gaming on?

Gaming news:

  • Guardian con raised almost 4 million for st Jude during the gc stream. Bungie 400 k and dr lupo  920 k
  • Anthem receives new update
  • Destiny 2 ever verse updates  LoW nerf incoming
  • Dragon ball z kakarot rumored to reveal never been told back stories
  • Ed boon teases joker as dlc character in mk11
  • Gears of war 5 , no loot boxes  no season pass no rng , what dos that mean ?

Gaming feature/ review:

Smash bros ult challenge accepted

Outro: Sam will talk smash bros and break down the battles the went down during the show .

Thank you for listening!

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