The Information Launches a New Top 10 Tech News App for $30 a Year

App supplements the publishers primary subscription product, available for $400 a year

The Information Launches a New Top 10 Tech News App for  a Year

Source: The Information

On the eve of The Information’s sixth birthday, the technology news publisher launched a new app, Tech Top 10 by The Information, for $29.99 a year, or $2.99 a month, after a free seven-day trial. Available for iOS and Android, the app includes the top 10 technology stories with analysis from industry experts as well as breaking news alerts, a calendar of upcoming events and more.

“For six years, The Information has been Silicon Valley’s go-to source of in-depth journalism about technology and the businesses it is disrupting. Now, through the Tech Top 10, we’re making that work accessible to a wider audience. Because when it comes to tech, everyone has a stake,” said Jessica Lessin, founder and editor-in-chief of The Information.

“Our new app, the Tech Top 10 by The Information, will tell you about the most important tech news happening now and why it matters. It’s designed for consumers who want to be plugged into the big tech stories without searching through Twitter or watered-down general news sites. And it’s powered by our newsroom of experienced editors and reporters, not algorithms,” said added Lessin.

The Information Launches a New Top 10 Tech News App for  a Year

Source: The Information

This app will supplement The Information’s primary tiered subscription offerings which includes exclusive tech stories, analysis from industry experts, conference calls, invitations to events, subscriber-only newsletters, access to The Information’s archives of stories and more.

The Information Launches a New Top 10 Tech News App for  a Year

Source: The Information

According to Publishers Daily, the app contains snippets of the top 10 tech stories with links to the full stories on The Information, accessible only to premium subscribers. Premium subscribers don’t have to pay extra for the app; it is included with their existing subscription. Publishers Daily reports that, as of April 2019, The Information had 30,000 newsletter subscribers with about 10,000 of then being paid subscribers, most of which are technology executives, in 84 countries. Nieman Lab says The Information’s staff has expanded from six at launch to 25. TechCrunch first reported news of the app in October when the app was going by the name of Ticker.

Insider Take:

We love this idea! The Information has earned a reputation for exclusive, quality tech journalism. As a result, they can name their price on their premium product. However, that puts their work out of the reach of some. The app is a great way for people to sample The Information’s work before making a more expensive commitment. It gets The Information’s stories in front of a new audience of potential subscribers. This is a good way to test the market to see what subscribers are willing to pay.

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