Square Enix Currently Has ‘No Plans’ For A New Final Fantasy MMO After XIV

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According to German publication Spieletipps, originally spotted by PCGamesN, it doesn’t look like there are any plans for a new Final Fantasy-branded MMORPG anytime soon. In the interview from Gamescom, the German publication spoke with producer and director Naoki Yoshida as well as main story writer Banri Oda about the future of Final Fantasy XIV.

As you probably already know, Final Fantasy XIV may be the latest MMO based on the popular JRPG franchise, but it isn’t the first. Final Fantasy XI was actually the first MMO in the series and was launched in 2002 for both PlayStation 2 and PC with cross-play. It eventually came to the Xbox 360 as well.

During the interview with Spieletipps, the developers were asked about sequel plans. Since I don’t speak German, the answer is provided by way of Google Translate:

“There are currently no plans to develop a sequel to Final Fantasy 14. Square Enix adheres to the concept of the game and wants to provide content to content and update the story about updates, says Yoshida. In short: Currently there is no prospect of a new online offshoot.”

FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida and Story Writer Banri Oda

Or in other words, Final Fantasy XIV just released an expansion that’s one of the highest rated releases of the year, period, and is lauded as one of the greatest stories in the entire 30+ year old franchise—plus our subscriber numbers are healthy and the game is doing great overall. Even if they were working on or planning to work on a sequel, announcing it during the current game’s peak would be entirely self-destructive.

I think there will eventually be another Final Fantasy MMO of some kind as time goes on and the industry continues to evolve, or at the very least future non-MMO games will borrow ideas and features from Final Fantasy XIV to help live on in spirit, but it would be silly to talk about that right now.

So, for right now, there are “no plans” and that seems just fine.

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