RGOP 70 – Mando Episode 4 Talk, Biggest Gaming News Stories of 2019 by Ronin Geek Official Podcast

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RGOP 70 - Mando Episode 4 Talk, Biggest Gaming News Stories of 2019
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In a very laid back return to their classic roots, Rob and Alex take some time to reflect on the latest amazing episode of The Mandalorian, and on the year in Gaming News beats. 2019 has been a crazy year, but it’s only a pre-amble to the biggest year in gaming history, coming up next year!
7:25 – The Mandalorian S1:E4 “Sanctuary” Deep-dive
37:45 – Biggest Gaming Stories of 2019
1:15:00 – Playing and Watching, Orna, Star Wars Rebels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Tecmo Koei games

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