Remote Play Together: Steam allows split-screen gaming over the Internet

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Remote Play Together: Steam allows split-screen gaming over the Internet
Image: Steam

Steam will soon offer “Remote Play Together”. The feature makes it possible to play games with local multiplayer mode together over the Internet – as if both were sitting on the same couch. The teammate does not even have to own the game.

Remote Play Together does not have to be manually implemented by developers. it is automatically available to all games in the Steam catalog. However. there is one requirement: the game must have a game mode that is local. i. play with several people on a computer. This is true. for example. for racing games that drive two or four players simultaneously via split screen. but also for strategy games in which different users can take turns on their moves. LAN Multiplayer for multiple computers. however. is not extended over the Internet.

Streaming is the key

This function is realized via streaming. with which Valve has already gained experience with the link hardware and software. In Remote Play Together. the screen content is simply transferred to another computer over the Internet. and the second player’s input is then sent back to the owner of the game. Because only “filmed”. the player himself does not need a license of the title.

Streaming is called latency

Due to the implementation. however. it is also clear that the feature is not suitable for every game. When playing against each other and in games where timing is essential. the player is potentially disadvantaged by the transmission delay that results when sending and receiving the data over the Internet. That additional delay must be expected. shows Steams Link App already in the local network – although it is minimal there. In addition. the feature will ask for Internet connection requirements; a powerful data line will be mandatory.

A beta version of Remote Play Together will be released on October 21st.

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