Raptors recreating Kawhi Leonard’s game-winner vs. Sixers is one of the best video tributes you’ll ever see

With all the big-name player movement in the NBA these days, these video tributes when one returns to his former home can have the ring of a mandatory thing rather than one of true emotion. And that’s if a tribute is even commissioned. Some teams and cities are so bent about their star player bolting that it’s nothing but a rainstorm of boos every time the guy touches the ball. 

That was not the case for Kawhi Leonard in his return to Toronto on Wednesday night, when he was greeted with a hero’s welcome by his former teammates and received a roaring standing ovation from a packed house and as he received his championship ring. 

But that wasn’t the best part. Prior to Kawhi receiving his ring, the Raptors played a hair-raising tribute video on the scoreboard of Kawhi’s game-winner in Game 7 against the Sixers in last year’s playoffs, complete with the magically suspenseful pause of the ball famously sitting on the rim before eventually falling through. Have a look:

I mean, that is so freaking awesome. I defy you to find a cooler video tribute for a returning player. Good on the Raptors and their fans, who are obviously aware, and appreciative, of all that Kawhi helped them achieve, and aren’t letting the fact that he decided to sign with the Clippers this summer erase the history they created together. It’s how it should be. Well done by all involved. 

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