‘Netflix Hangouts’ Chrome extension helps skivers binge shows at work

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'Netflix Hangouts' Chrome extension helps skivers binge shows at work

Netflix Hangouts is a tool for the work-shy office bods

WATCHING NETFLIX at work is a big no-no, especially if you try and mix in a bit of chill at the same time. But if you’re insistent on getting you Netflix fix while working for the man, then the Netflix Hangout Chrome extension might be the thing for you.

If you’re thinking the extension uses some newfangled tech wizardry like AI tech to work out when your boss is coming to sneak a glance at your monitor, then be prepared to swallow that disappointment. Instead, it reduces Netflix into a smaller window in a custom interface and fills up the rest of the screen space with images so that, to a casual passerby, it looks like you’re on a video call.

Obviously, TV series that have their roots in modern-day real-world stuff, like The Office or similar documentaries or mockumentaries will be most convincing; no one expects to see a space ship or otherworldly goblin monster thing zip around in part of group Google Hangouts meeting after all.

Whether this extension is meant to be taken seriously as a proper skiving tool is open to debate as it was developed by Mschf Internet Studios, which has in the past cooked up a few web-based curiosities such as the Tabagotchi, a virtual creature that slowly died if you opened up too many browser tabs, all with the idea of stopping people getting distracted.

That being said, there are plenty of other tools out in the wilds of the World Wide Web which allow for such shirking of work, such as a website that makes Reddit appear like its Microsoft’s Outlook email client.

As hard-working individuals dedicated to bringing you the hottest and most serious tech news, from chips stuff to the latest leaks, we don’t advocate dodging work duties to watch Netflix.

What’s that? This? Not its not beer it’s the latest innovation in hoppy focus-boosting energy drink. *hic* µ

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