LoL: Coach Kim leaves DAMWON Gaming; SKT may be your destination

LoL: Coach Kim leaves DAMWON Gaming; SKT may be your destination

DAMWON Gaming was one of the South Korean teams that surprised this year. In their first appearance at the LCK, the team managed to remain among the best in the competition, including the third place in the region at the 2019 Worlds. After the season ended, coach Kim “Kim” Jeong-soo opted to leave the organization and SKT could be your destination in 2020.

Kim has a long-standing coaching career since 2014. His first great team was Samsung Galaxy, who hired him in 2016. That year he helped Crown and company reach the final of the World Cup, where they were defeated by SKT. Soon after that he left South Korea and went to North America, where he coached Dignitas for a split. Unsuccessfully, he returned to his home country, where he took over Longzhu Gaming, winning the second split of LCK in 2017.

Following the elimination of LZ for Samsung Galaxy at that year’s World Cup, Kim again decided to explore new regions, this time going to China. The coach was hired by Invictus Gaming and again succeeded, leading the team to become the 2018 World Champion. He returned to LCK and coached DAMWON Gaming, which was making its debut in the competition. He managed to achieve titles, but qualified newcomers to this year’s World Cup. DWG started in the tournament’s Entry Phase, advanced to the Group Phase and qualified for the playoffs, where it was eliminated by G2.

The coach has left the team in this transfer window and rumors indicate he may be close to closing with SKT for next season. According to some rumors circulating on Chinese social network Weibo, a member of V5 (LPL team) had commented that Kim would be close to closing with the three-time world champion, and that this could bring Khan back to the team.

Khan has opted not to renew his contract with SKT and has posted a text on his Facebook where he thanks his teammates and says he is willing to face new challenges. Kim’s entry into the team could make him reconsider his decision as the two worked together at Longzhu in 2017. Despite the rumors, SKT has not yet published anything official about the possible hiring.

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