Journey to the Savage Planet Release Date, News, Trailer and Rumors

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Most of the wildlife you’ll encounter pose little to no threat, with many of AR-Y 26’s inhabitants ranking relatively low on the food chain. However, there are a few exceptions that players will want to watch out for such as the Pikemander, a giant lizard with the ability to curl up into a ball and charge at the player at rapid speeds. Successfully dodging the Pikemander’s charge will cause the alien to crash, momentarily exposing a weak spot located on its tail.

Navigating through each of the planet’s biomes, which include a cave filled with lava, a snowy mountain, a murky swamp, and a lush forest, will reveal secrets about AR-Y 26 and put you face-to-face with extraordinary creatures like a giant octopus. If that all sounds bit overwhelming, Journey to the Savage Planet lets you bring along a buddy for up to two player co-op. Together, the two of you will shape the future of mankind and no doubt get into some ridiculous hi-jinx along the way.

The Final Word on Journey to the Savage Planet

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