Half Life: Alyx Reveal Trailer

Valve have released the first trailer for Half Life: Alyx, showing off new gameplay, returning characters and gorgeous graphics in Valve’s Source 2 engine, watch the trailer here:

The trailer shows us City 17 before the events of Half Life 2, in which Alyx Vance and her father Eli work to build up a resistance to the Combine and building up to the beginning of Half Life 2.

Combine Soldier in Half Life: Alyx

Valve released the trailer on Twitter earlier giving us the following tweet:

We can see that the game will be exclusively for VR systems which may come as a disappointment to some gamers who have waited 12 years for the next installment but we can only hope for another version with keyboard/mouse support in the future.

Half Life: Alyx Gameplay

The image above may show the ‘Grabbity Gloves’ mentioned in previous leaks, we imagine these will function similarly to the Gravity Gun from other installments in the series, they may even show HUD elements such as health and ammo from the hearts and counter on the left glove, giving a better feeling of immersion rather than having a traditional HUD.

Half Life: Alyx G-Man

The trailer closes with the G-Man lurking in the darkness, followed by the release date of March 2020, I think I speak for all of us when I say I cannot wait to find out how events will unfold.

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