GOG Baguette Days offers sweet deals on games made in France

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The latest promotion over at GOG offers new discounts on French-made games like Vampyr, Rayman, Might and Magic, Ghost of a Tale, and more.

GOG is still the king of DRM-free games, and the company’s latest sale shines the spotlight on games developed by French studios.

The sale is called The Baguette Days, and it’s the latest weeklong promotion from the online storefront. Not only does it provide a way for players to scoop up some new games with a discount, it also serves to highlight some games that players may not have recognized as French indies.

According to a post on the GOG website, The Baguette Days promotion is “a perfect opportunity to discover games you never knew were created by French indie studios like the complex Prodigy Tactics (-50%), isometric tactical Fear Effect: Sedna (-90%) or the intriguing puzzle-games Blocks That Matter (-50%), and Tetrobot & Co. (-50%).”

GOG The Baguette Days French Week sale games

Here’s a look at a just a few of the feature games being discounted during GOG’s French Week promotion:

  • Vampyr – $19.99
  • Dead Cells – $19.99
  • Arx Fatalis – $1.97
  • Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition – $2.49
  • Ghost of a Tale – $16.74
  • Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy – $1.49
  • Absolver – $11.99

For the full list of discounted titles, be sure to head over to the GOG website. Players can also find a list of discounted classic French video games over on the GOG home page.

While at least one in-development game is being offered on sale through GOG’s The Baguette Days promotion, most of the games are indie hits from the past few years. Spend a few bucks and scoop up a few, and head over to Shacknews’ 2019 video game release date schedule to stay on top of the latest and hottest upcoming launches.

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