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Funtoo Linux 1.4 Released! 5

Funtoo Linux 1.4 is now to be considered officially released! Some changes in the last several weeks include:

  • Updating to gcc-9.2.0 to address an upstream compilation bug (thanks: calrama)
  • Additional testing/fixing of dependencies (thanks: sandro and others)
  • New debian-sources and debian-sources-lts kernels (thanks: bcowan)
  • Debian-sources-lts will now default to using “custom-cflags” USE by default, which will give you a more optimized kernel. -march settings from your subarch mix-in will be applied to your kernel compilation as well. This appears to result in a noticeable performance improvement.
  • Many thanks to jhan, digifuzzy, klipkyle,, niranjan, sandro and everyone else (sorry if I forgot to mention you) for making this the most tested and most community-focused release of Funtoo ever!

I will continue to update documentation on the wiki relating to 1.4, and of course, 1.4 development continues with pull requests and issues reported to

I hope to start 2.0 development in about a month.

Also note — we now have a “Announcement Discussion” forum visible from the main forums page which allows posts and is open to discussing any announcements.

Funtoo Linux 1.4 Released! 6


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Funtoo Linux 1.4 Released! 6

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