First Impressions on Crossing Void [Global]

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Hello everyone, it is Ntwelve here again with another First Impression article on a new game. This time, I will be going over my initial thoughts on the game Crossing Void in the few days it has been available.

Before I even start saying anything, I will admit, I have put a ton of time into the game already. I have had a ton of fun in the game, despite the server’s best efforts to stop me from having fun. But let us get into what I think of the game first.

Crossing Void? What is it?

Crossing Void, or as it is formally known, Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, is a turn based RPG developed for mobile devices by 91 Act and SEGA. The game is published by Tencent and 37Games. It is an original game that features over 50 iconic characters from Light Novels published by Dengeki Bunko. These series include Durarara, Sword Art Online, Accel World, Shakugan no Shana, Strike the Blood, Toradora!, the Toaru series, The Devil is a Part-Timer and many more.

Crossing Void features two main modes of gameplay; Story mode and Challenge Mode. Story mode is fairly self explanatory. It is where the story of the game happens. By completing this mode, you can get multiple different rewards, from Maigo to coins to upgrade materials.

Challenge mode is a bit more complicated. The Challenge mode features a bunch of different modes to play. These feature the Void Agency, which are daily away-from-keyboard missions that you can send units on; Decrepit Dream and Burst Link, the two pvp modes; Treasure Hunt, where you can farm equipment, and even more.


So what do I like about the game?

Personally, I love this game so far. The combat in this game has a focus on strategy and how you decide to use what skills when, more so than most games that I have played. Not only that, but team composition is pretty important as well in Crossing Void. Because of how each character is built, different missions require different types of units, making almost every unit in the game viable in one way or another.

Once you have beaten a stage for the first time, the game saves what moves you used from which characters and allows you to repeat the mission on “memory mode”.

Memory mode is a feature of this game’s Auto mode for battles. Using Auto mode, the game will automatically use the exact moves you had used in a non-auto clear of a mission. This is very helpful for making sure that when farming a stage, you would not lose on Auto mode.

Besides the game play, the game has, in my opinion, amazing artwork and animations as well as a great soundtrack behind it. Every main unit in the game has a fully animated ultimate skill, with some having a second ultimate as a cross skill with their support unit. I believe that all of these attacks are well made.

Another amazing thing about, or in this case, surrounding, Crossing Void is its community. The community surrounding this game is amazing, from veteran players of the SEA server to the actual companies behind the game. The official discord for the game is full of veteran players from the SEA server or the Closed Beta who are more than willing to help newer players. On top of that, the game’s Facebook and Twitter are constantly holding giveaways for the players of the game.


However, when there is something good, there is always a negative side to it.

I could go on and on about why I love this game, but I need to address a few major problems that Crossing Void has.


Oh man, don’t you just love Server Issues?

First and foremost, the server’s stability.

While this is technically the “Open Beta” for the global version, it is also basically the full release as all progress will transfer over. The server right now is horrible. The game is constantly loading or disconnecting from the server, and on launch day, it was almost unplayable for a lot of people. This is a major problem and I do hope that 91 Act and SEGA are working on fixing the server first.


Explanations? Pfft. What are those?

The second major problem that the game has is a lack of in-game explanations of systems. For anyone who is an experienced Gacha game player, it is pretty easy to figure out how to use systems through intuition, but it would be nice to have in-game explanations of these systems.

Thankfully, this problem is slightly alleviated by that amazing community I mentioned above. Veteran players from the SEA server are constantly creating in-depth guides about the systems within the game. Many of these guides can be found on the game’s official discord.


Wanna grind continuously? Pay up your Premium Currency.

The third major problem is the game’s Energy system. Energy takes a long time to regenerate in Crossing Void: it takes 7.5 minutes to regenerate a single energy. When you have a max of 140 energy around level 30, that means it takes 17.5 hours to fully regenerate all of your energy. There are also no resources you can use to get more energy besides spending Maigo, the premium currency.

This makes it incredibly hard to continuously play and grind in the game, especially for free-to-play players. Many players have already voiced their frustrations about this, and hopefully it will be changed soon.


Despite these flaws, I still love this game.

If I wanted to talk about everything I love in Crossing Void, this First Impression would be a couple thousand words long, so I will not talk about everything, but I do want to point out a few more things about the game.


Gacha? Is it worth it?

Crossing Void uses a Gacha system for you to get new characters. Every unit can be acquired in any rarity, from C to S, unless they are limited time units. Limited time units appear to only be available in A or S rank variations.

However, I enjoy this game’s Gacha system. You get a free single pull every day on any normal banner available. Alongside this, every non-S rank unit you get increases your chances to get an S rank unit. This is the game’s pity system. You can summon normally on banners using Gacha Vouchers or Maigo, the premium currency.

The pity system is on every banner, but certain banners have their probabilities separate from others. Any normal rate up banner and banners that feature a normal S rank unit as the rate up have their own S rank probabilities; the basic banner has its own probabilities. Finally, the limited time banners have their own S rank probabilities.

On any Rate up or Limited banner, you are also guaranteed the featured S rank unit after 91 pulls on that banner. This acts as a second pity system and is great to have. Any duplicated gotten of any rank can be dismantled to get fragments.

An annoying problem with limited banners is that they can only be pulled on using Maigo or special Vouchers. Currently these vouchers can only be obtained through packs bought with paid Maigo. Hopefully, a way to grind these limited vouchers will become available.


Character Upgrades

Each unit has multiple ways that they can be strengthened.

First, they have levels. Increasing level will give some basic stat increases, though their level cannot go past the player’s level.

Next, they have a star rating from 1 to 6 stars. Increasing their star rating will give more stat buffs as well as unlocking the ability to upgrade skills. Characters will also unlock new passives with more stars.

Each character can also get up to 4 talents based on their rank. These talents can be re-rolled using fragments obtained from dismantling duplicates. Each talent can be increased to S rank talents. S rank talents give the most stats.

The amount of ways that a unit can be upgraded adds in another element of strategy to the game as you have to decide who you want to upgrade first. Luckily, if you start upgrading a lower rank unit and you happen to get a higher rank version, there is an inheritance system in the game. Unit inheritance causes the higher rank unit to gain all of the lower rank’s upgrades. This makes sure you never lose materials by upgrading lower rank units.


I guess I should wrap this up soon before I go on too long.

Overall, I really do enjoy playing Crossing Void. It is not a perfect game. It has some glaring problems right now, but despite all of that, I cannot help but enjoy playing this game. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who knows even just a single series within the game. If you know more than one of the series in the game, I would recommend it even more.

If you start playing the game soon, there is a special event going on that allows you to get a free S rank unit of your choice by completing 6 objectives. Since I did call this a “Mini Review” I will say that I give the game a rating of “At least try it out, especially if you know one or more of the series within it.”


All photos within this article were taken in game on my own personal account.

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