Can You Identify These Obscure Video Games? Prove It With This Quiz!

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When you build a video game the hope is that you’ll always go mainstream. By definition, these obscure video games were failures in that respect. However, many of them also garnered a considerable cult following which can be just as good as gaining mass appeal. Without enough loud voices, you can reach that next level of exposure.

These games never quite reached that point for one reason or another. Whether it was just a university project or was turned into a completely different game, these titles have been forgotten by many.

Once you start this quiz we’ll give you a photo of an obscure video game along with four options to choose from. All you need to do is pick the correct title. There will also be a minor hint to go along with every image to help you out a little.

Don’t forget to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and post in the comments to let us know how you did. If you don’t gloat to the world about how well you did, then did you ever actually take it? We all know that the answer is no. Without further ado…

Can You Identify These Obscure Video Games?

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