BMW Releases Concept R18 /2, More Images of New Boxer Engine

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BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
BMW has announced its second “concept” bike based on the upcoming 1800cc Big Boxer engine, the R18 /2. Images courtesy BMW Motorrad.

BMW is marching steadily toward its promised cruiser, anticipated sometime in 2020, with the news of its latest concept bike based around the new 1,800cc “Big Boxer” opposed twin. Buried in a press release for a new Concept R18 /2 (pronounced “slash two”) were photos showing the design and production of the /2, including the most detailed shots to date of the new engine, clearly functional and roadworthy.

First, the bike. The Concept R18 /2 appears to be a classic cruiser in design, with modern flowing lines, a small headlight cowl and a slightly bobbed rear fender. Wheels are cast, 19 inches up front and 16 at the rear, with Brembo brakes and a gorgeous Candy Apple Red paint on the bodywork.

BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
The Concept R18 /2 has a hidden rear mono shock for a classic hardtail look.

The 1,800cc air/oil-cooled boxer engine used in the /2 has a classic BMW 1960s aesthetic, finished in matte gray and black. The massive cylinders protrude past the ends of the handlebar, and dual air intakes funnel under the rider’s thighs to the airbox beneath the front of the seat. To the rear of that is a hidden single shock absorber to maintain the classic hardtail look.

We’re not quite sure why BMW wants to try breaking into the American cruiser market, given lackluster sales in the segment (and its own ill-fated R 1200 C attempt in the late ’90s/early oughts). Hopefully plans include a bagger as well…but in any case, we’re excited to see and hear more about this new R18 Big Boxer engine, clearly headed for production in the near future.

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BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
BMW Concept R18 /2 cruiser, based around the 1800cc “Big Boxer” opposed twin.
BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
Massive cylinders with cooling fins protrude beyond the ends of the handlebar.
BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
We do love the Candy Apple Red paint used on the Concept R18 /2.
BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
Driveshaft is on the right side, brake disc with big Brembo caliper is on the left.
BMW R18 /2 slash two concept cruiser
Oil cooler is placed unobtrusively at the lower leading edge of the engine, between the frame downtubes.

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